Artwork Guideline

Artwork Guideline

Printec Printing Artwork Guidelines

Artwork Guidelines


All artwork files should be submitted in the following format

saved as PDF, TIFF or JPEG format.
saved as TIFF, EPS or JPEG format and convert all text to curves.
include all embedded images and outline and convert all text to curves.
saved as TIFF, EPS or JPEG format and convert all text to curves.

Files submitted in any other programme or format may incur additional charges.


All screen fonts and postscript fonts must be supplied, unless they are embedded or converted into paths.


All colour on documents needs to be supplied in CMYK, RGB is not acceptable as a printing format.


When supplying pictures or images, ensure they are scanned with minimum resolution of 300 dpi, also ensure they are flattened to the background and are at 100%, otherwise  the quality may be compromised.


All documents must be supplied with a 2mm bleed around all four of the edges (see bleed & cutting) and all text must be at least 3mm away from the edges. NCR requires a different specification for bleed (see NCR bleed).


For printing purposes envelope designs cannot be printed right to the edges. The areas that need to remain clear are as follows ; from left, right and bottom 2mm, from the top 10mm and around the window edges 2mm.


When printing any image or colour that touches the edge of the paper you need to apply BLEED to it. Bleed is applied so when the document is cut to the required size you are not left with any white strips along any of the edges. All files regardless of the size of document need a 2mm bleed on all 4 sides. All objects touching any of the edges as well as background images and colours will have to be stretched by 2mm on each side. For example if you have a solid colour background in your artwork, all four edges will need to be stretched, or if you have an image that touches only one side you will need to bleed it off just one side. If your document has a white background and no image touching any edges then the document still needs a 2mm bleed around all 4 edges but no artwork needs to be stretched. This is for printing purposes. Also you must ensure that any text or images you do not want to bleed over the edges are kept 3mm away from the edges of all sides.

The dotted line indicates the actual size of your document. Outside of this is the 2mm bleed which is necessary. The image has been dragged over the edge of the dotted line to cover the bleed area on all four sides. The star has also been dragged over the edge and part of this will be cut during the trimmimg process. Any text must be at least 3mm away from the edges of the document.



This is what the finished document will look like after it has been printed and all the edges trimmed.


This document has a white background and no image is touching any of the edges, you will still need to allow a 2mm bleed all around but nothing will need to be stretched over the edges.





You do not need  to allow any 2mm bleed for NCR as the requirements are slightly different depending on whether you require NCR sets, pads or books. Please see below  for the different requirements.



For NCR sets and pads we require all text and images to be 10mm away from all four edges.



For NCR books the edge which is to be stapled and bound needs all text and images to be 20mm away from that edge to allow for the binding. Each of the other three sides needs all text and images to be 10mm away from the edges.



When printing presentation folders we require the files to be submitted as follows. The artwork should be submitted with the following measurements width 521mm X length 395mm plus an additonal 2mm bleed around all 4 sides (see below)








All artwork and background designs must be stretched 2mm over all edges of the actual document (note the area shaded will be cut and as is not part of the actual document). Below is the size of the document once we have cut the excess paper and includes where the bleed should be applied. It shows the actual size of document and how it will be folded and also allows a slit for business cards to be placed.